HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Policy

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance
Get a car insurance policy that safeguards your treasured possession from uncertainties and threats on the road. HDFC ERGO provides you with the apt policy to suit your insurance needs and covers your vehicle against thefts, accidents, natural calamities as well as third party damages. This company offers convenient and customer friendly policy for your vehicle with easy to understand rules and regulations.

HDFC ERGO car insurance calculator

HDFC ERGO provides fast and efficient car insurance calculator which enables you to calculate and have a basic idea of your policy premium. You would need to provide certain details regarding your vehicle to obtain the details of your policy amount.

HDFC ERGO car insurance renewal

The policy holders can easily get their car insurance policy renewed. HDFC ERGO also offers the customers to renew their policy online, using their bank account or credit card. There is an option of reminder of policy renewal to remind the customers about the renewal of their policy before its expiry, to prevent the loss of their claim bonus.

Key Benefits of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

HDFC ERGO car insurance policy provides the customers with a cashless claim of over Rs 1600 at authorized garages spread all across India. You can also avail discounts such as no claim bonus, discounts on the basis of profession and age as well as discounts for members of Automobile Association. You can get instant policy online and avoid lengthy policy procedures.

 Coverage of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

HDFC ERGO car insurance policy covers you against loss or damage caused to the insured vehicle in case of accidents, theft, damage caused in transit or during any natural calamity such as floods, earthquake, storm, and landslide. It also covers you against third party liability and provides personal accident coverage of Rs 2 Lakh to the owner.

 HDFC ERGO Car Insurance plans

HDFC ERGO car insurance plans provide a comprehensive coverage to the policy holders, with dedicated support from the customer care team and a set of attractive discounts.

 Claim process of HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

HDFC ERGO car insurance claim procedure is very simple. In case of an accident you should first call the toll free customer care number, provide your policy number, fulfill all the claim formalities and submit requisite documents. You also need to fill the claim form and get a repair estimate. You can also avail the cashless claim facilities if you visit a garage which is in the network of HDFC ERGO.

 Third party Car Insurance of HDFC ERGO

The policy also covers you against the expenses arising out of third party damages to life and property in case of an accident involving your vehicle.